The Patrick '61 and Marcelle Leahy Center for the Environment

Developing environmentally conscious citizens as leaders, 提倡, 科学家们, 艺术家, humanitarians, 思想家 & business people.


Through research, contemplation, and action, the Center for the Environment strives to...

准备 students to think and act critically and creatively by combining their intellectual pursuits with immersive experiences to tackle the world’s most complex issues as environmental leaders - locally and globally.

进化 the culture of sustainability on campus and in our community to have a social impact and leave a legacy for future generations.

福斯特 connection between students and career experts to create career exposure and structure learning experiences such that students leave with essential workforce skills, career preparedness, 和目的.

We Teach, Learn, and Steward

We envision the C4E as a hub. A place to engage. A place to grow. A place to find purpose and make an impact.

Environmental Education

A man waters a tree at the 农场 at Saint Michael's College.

Ecological Restoration




农场 & 食物

St. Michael’s College promotional photos. 
Photo By Bear Cieri

Environmental Analysis

More Information Coming Soon!



In Our Living Laboratories

Across six classrooms to impact the greater SMC and VT communities. Exploration of these areas happen in the traditional classrooms and our campus-wide living laboratory.

After collecting the cameras, students head back up a snowy hill in the Natural Area on Feb. 13.

The Natural Area

Mark Lubkowitz, 左, and Valerie Bang-Jensen, in the Teaching Gardens earlier in their years of collaboration back in 2013. The top image behind the headline shows Mark researching corn with a collaborator a few years ago.

The Teaching, Pollinator, and Tree Nursery Gardens




Student Opportunities

Connections with the greater community expand students’ access to an immersive learning experiences.

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May 10, 2024

Saint Michael’s community celebrates Class of 2024 with Senior Awards Brunch

Saint Michael’s hosted its annual Senior Awards Brunch on May 9 to recognize the students in the Class of 2024, faculty and staff who have had a significant impact on […]



Saint Michael’s hosts an Earth Week extravaganza

The Patrick ’61 and Marcelle Leahy Center for the Environment led an Earth Week extravaganza for Saint Michael’s, giving the College community plenty of opportunities to get their hands dirty. […]


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May 31, 2024


Come back to St. 迈克的 for 2024年聚会 on May 31st to June 2nd! We are celebrating classes that end in 4s and 9s this time around, but 团聚 is open to all alumni – the more the merrier.

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